Pool cue research

Pool cues seem to keep evolving and getting harder for the customer to decide on. From the beginning people have been trying to improve on cues and trying to prove one thing is better then the other. The first big push most people may have heard of was Meucci with the "myth destroyer", then the next big push was Predator with their shaft and soon there seemed to be everyone in the market with their own "special" cue shaft that made you hit like superman (or superwoman).

Well you could spend days trying to research what is the best and may end up finding the best cue with the best technology but I bet your friends wouldn't agree with you. This is why it is so hard to find the best cue for every person.... because there isn't a universal best shaft, or cue, for everyone.

So what do I recommend???

If this is going to be your first cue stay with the basics....
A cue you can afford.
A cue you like the look of.
A cue that is under $200

- Look for a cue that has a standard 13mm shaft (most cues on this site have 13mm shafts).
- Look for a cue that is a standard 58 inches in length.
- Look for a cue that is 19 ounces.
- Look for a standard wood shaft.

Lastly TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUE!!!! We offer a free soft case with every cue so you can provide your cue some measure of protection. This is a free gift to get you some measure of protection but we do recommend, when  you can, to get a tube style (hard) case.  
* Do not leave your cue in your car.
* Do not leave your cue leaning against a wall.
* Do not leave your cue in any place where the temperature and humidity fluctuates a lot.

AND use your cue. You will be surprised how an unused cue can change. Some of the changes are because what is listed above. You put your cue away and it gets subjected to hot, cold, low humidity, high himidity, or other factors.

Now if we had to make a recommendation with a gun to our heads for a good cue brand that would last more then just as a beginners cue, we would point at three brands.... Action, McDermott, and Lucasi. Why?
Action: Good quality low cost cues.
McDermott: Good quality medium cost cues with a Lifetime Warranty against warpage and defects. Plus American Made.
Lucasi: Good quality medium cost with a "Lifetime Guarantee, Even Against Warpage..."

So based upon this article you might wonder what I shoot with.....
I shoot with an AE custom cue, a Meucci, a McDermott, and an Action cue. Why so many cues? Well that is tough to explain....Mainly because I try out almost every cue that I can find to see if I like it or not. I then have found uses for these cues for different playing styles and enviroments.
   For example: The Action cue I take everywhere. From the best pool halls to the scary run down bars. It provides me a good cue to shoot with but if something happens to it I'm not out thousands of dollars.
The McDermott cue has a smaller shaft diameter and for the days when I am not doing well with the other cues I'll try the McDermott. Plus I look at it like bowling. Some people have their normal ball and another ball for picking up spares.
My AE custom cue was a treat for myself and the Meucci cue is a good all around cue.

Now why don't I have a Lucasi too? Well frankly.... I already have four cues!

Now if you wish to look around and see what shafts are out there I'll provide some links below for you to try. But please remember the recommendations above. If you are ready for something beyond a good wood shaft please read up and make an informed decision about what shaft you will try and give it a shot. BUT REMEMBER the shaft may take a bit of getting used to so don't give up right away.

Good shooting to you.

Mike (including their 360 shafts)

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