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Cues Plus Billiard store has been in business of selling pool cues and accessories since 1987. We were originally one person selling cues at local tournaments in Nebraska. Our Stock was purchased from a local billiard shop for a slight discount and sold for a fraction less then suggested retail at tournaments. After about 2 years of selling pool cues small scale we started to purchase from wholesalers and were able to pass the discounts onto our customers and quickly grew from there.
We moved to Florida in 1993 and then moved to Colorado in 1996. We feel Colorado is a better location because of the centeralized location and climate. In November 2000 we changed our name to Cues Plus and Cues Plus Billiards to better emphasize our market.

Back in 1987 when our owner started to sell cues he came up with the idea of giving away a free case with every 2-piece pool cue (and this practice lives on today).
The reasoning for this is two fold:
First, when our owner purchased his first quality cue he did not immediately have the money to buy a case, any case, and didn't want to purchase a soft case figuring he would get around to buying a good hard case when he had the money. BUT after a couple months of use, the cue was dinged and nicked up so bad that he seriously considered buying another (cheaper) cue. If he had purchased even a soft case his cue could have been saved some abuse. We do not want anyone else to find out the hard way how having a case can help preserve their cue.

Second, you can buy a cue from many other sources and we want to earn your business by having your best interest in mind and good products plus, we hope, your recommendation. Giving you a free case was a practice we started for good reason, as stated above, in fact so good the practice has been copied by others. Plus based on feedback we have also started to allow you, our customers, to make the educated choice and chose a different product is the instance you already have a case and don't need one.

We chose the name Cues Plus for a good reason. The PLUS is leadership, service, and satisfaction. If you ever purchase anything from Cues Plus that you are unsatisfied with return it and we will replace it or refund your money.* As we continue to grow we will look at adding other product lines, with the same outstanding quality, service, and commitment to you, our customers, that you receive now. We currently have over 1000 products and are always adding modifying or changing our products to better serve you for all of your billiard needs. We are pool players too and we want to make you happy and enjoy the game. If our products can help you win then we win too.
We also want to ensure you have a safe and secure shopping experience.
For the safety and security of your shopping experience
- We are fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements:
We NEVER see your complete credit card information.
We NEVER store your credit card information.
We have a valid and up to date SSL certificate.
We do NOT share your individual personal information with anyone for any marketing purposes.
Please take a look at the other infomation pages in the information box to the left or you can alway email us and we will be happy to talk about our business and how we can help you.
Stick with an original - Cues Plus Billiards.
Thank you, Cues Plus Pool Cue, PLUS more, billiard store!
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