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Please also read the shipping policy. Most items ship the next business day but some up to 48 hours after the order is placed and some will come directly from the manufacturer or our wholesalers.

Items covered on this page:

- General policies

- Payment



- Returns

- Package Reception 

- Laws and Dispute Resolution

General policies
All items purchased under the "make us an offer" or percent off clearance coupons (not the regular coupons, regular coupons still have full rights of return) are sold Unwarranted and as final sale. Our normal return policy will not apply to these types of sales. No Exceptions. Returns for clearance items have a 5 day return policy for damage or defects only! These five days begin the day of package arrival and terminate 5 calendar days after. If there is any intent on return of any clearance item the return request must be done by e-mail to within 5 days of delivery. All clearance returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. A return merchandise authorization (RMA) number MUST be obtained and placed on the outside of the package prior to return shipment. All clearance sales are considered final at moment of purchase and the additional 5 days are at our option. . 

Lowest Prices Guaranteed!
We will MEET or BEAT any legitimate Internet retailers' price! (Excludes auction sites (Like EBAY), clearance items, used items, and businesses deemed non-reputable.). 
    We try to have the Lowest Pricing out of everyone, but if you happen to find a lower advertised price from a legitimate company, where the item is in stock, please contact us and we will beat it as long as it is not below our actual cost. When asked to beat a competitor’s price, please be advised we need to see the price listed on the company’s web site. We will beat the full price including shipping. We will not match, or beat prices after the product has shipped. We are not responsible for pricing mistakes on the website. In cases of incorrect price posting Cues Plus will give you the customer the choice of a refund or to purchase the item at the corrected price.

Please note: Cues Plus reserves the right to not honor prices below our cost for price matches (buyer beware - if something is being sold to you below cost make sure you are getting the real item and not a counterfeit, used or damaged item). Also make sure the item is being sold by an authorized dealer - if you purchase an item from an unauthorized dealer the product manufacturer/wholesaler does not have to honor the warranty. We are an authorized dealer for all of our products.

Free Case: Free soft case is a soft Action case and Free Hard case is a Hard tube Action case.

Price Drop Protection: See a lower price within 14 days afer you purchase and let us know and we will match it based on the "
Lowest Prices Guaranteed" section above. 


By submitting an order to Cues Plus electronically via the on-line Cues Plus billiard store, you agree to be bound by these terms. Any attempt to alter or amend those terms and conditions will be null and void, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by us.

I agree that I am over 18 year old and I am using my own credit card for a proper purpose. I agree the name on the card is mine and I am willfully making this purchase and agree to be bound by the terms of this purchase.

Authorization: By submitting an order via the on-line Cues Plus Store, you authorize Cues Plus to collect funds in the amount agreed upon on our webstore.

You agree that on-line orders will be deemed to be signed and written purchase orders.

I agree you will not defraud by any means including denying package was received when it was, and/or claiming non-receipt through your credit card company.

Binding Contract: All orders, submitted via the on-line Cues Plus Store, accepted by Cues Plus shall constitute a binding contract between you and Cues Plus
('E-Contract'). You agree and acknowledge that :
(a) The Cues Plus Invoice is a part of the E-Contract;
(b) the E-Contract constitutes a written contract;
(c) your membership data is part of the E-Contract; and
(d) Cues Plus shall not be obliged to seek any further verification that such orders originate from you, but may at our discretion. You undertake not to dispute or challenge the validity or enforceability of the E-Contract on the grounds that it is not a written document and hereby waive any such right you may have at law. For the avoidance of doubt, you agree to admit the E-Contract as an original document and will not challenge the admissibility of the E-Contract on the grounds that it is made in electronic form, whether in whole or in part.
(e) Cues Plus reserves the right to NOT fill an order if the price is inaccurate, fraud is suspected, there is a failure to charge the correct price or any reason we see fit.

Customer's Liability: You agree that full payment for any order made electronically via the on-line Cues Plus Store will be your responsibility .

We make every effort to provide as much accurate information about all of our products. If there is a mistake about the product information we will authorize a 5 day window from date of delivery for request for a RMA. If the request is not received within 5 calendar days the sale will be considered final. All website/cart malfunctions or pricing errors can void order at discretion of Cues Plus.



In the event that Buyer fails to make full payment for the Products and/or Services, in the manner and within the time specified by Vendor in its payment terms, Buyer shall be liable to Vendor for payment of all costs and expenses incurred by Vendor in seeking collection of the amounts owed by Buyer, including but not limited to the costs of collection agencies and reasonable attorneys' fees incurred by Vendor.



We will take back any standard product within 60 days of purchase, as long as it is still in its original (new) condition and contains all pieces, etc. Engraved cues are not returnable.

We take back cues that have been chalked also --- See "A.) Cue trial period" below.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee terms:

We want you to be fully satisfied with every item that you purchase from If you are not satisfied with an item that you have purchased, you may return the new item within 60 days of delivery for a full refund of the purchase price (Read "restocking fees" below), minus the shipping, handling, or other charges (On items shipped for free, the actual cost of shipping and insurance will be deducted from the refund.). Engraved cues are not returnable.

Our 60 day policy for pool cues has two parts:
A.) Cue trial period: 7 Days
B.) Unchalked Cue return period: 60 days

A Cue Trail period explained: Cue Trail period means for 7 days, from date of delivery, you can try out the cue. If you are unhappy with the cue you can exchange the cue for credit towards another purchase. BUT be careful of overuse, damage, and/or abuse. The cue must have a minimal amount of usage (Under 3 hours is recommended) and can not be altered, damaged, and/or abused. Alterations include but not limited to: Sanding, coating the cue with any wax, changing tips, etc.. Some examples of damage are: Chips in the finish, Dings or dents in the shaft, bent pins, etc.). We inspect each return thoroughly for overuse, damage, and/or abuse, please, do the same prior to shipping the item back. (NOTE: On CUSTOM CUES our inspection process is VERY VERY rigid! - [we also add a note to any custom cue that has been tried out; no note = never used])
On, or before, the 7th day, you must have the cue on its way back to us in order to qualify for this offer. After 7 Days, the cue will be considered used, and will not be able to be returned. You can use the try and exchange program up to 3 times! If you intend to elect this option you must get an RMA number (see below).

B Unchalked Cue return period explained: Unchalked cue return is exactly that, if you have not chalked the cue you have 60 days from the date of delivery to return the cue. Engraved cues are not returnable.
If the tip has been chalked A above applies.
If the tip has been scuffed to remove the chalk the cue will be considered used and A above applies.
Claims of a defective cue will be evaluated. If defect is found we will make a complete refund. If no defect is found, based upon our evaluation, then the cost of the item will be refunded but the cost to ship the order will not be refunded. If the item(s) are found to be damaged by neglect or abuse then no refund will be issued.

Return address:
Cues Plus
18121 E Hampden Ave 

Unit C
Aurora CO 80013

You MUST include the RMA # issued and ship with correct postage to the above address. If not enough postage the package will be returned to you. If you do not include the RMA # we do not know who is returning the item and for what reason or if you have made a return request. The refund will be issued only when the return is received in new condition. Refund will be for the products returned only, not for cost of shipping.  

Package Reception

Please inspect the package for damage and make UPS, FedEx, or U.S. Postal Service aware of any damage. If the package or product is visually able to be seen as broken, refuse the shipment.
If the package is not damaged please then inspect your order for any signs of defect or damage. If you find any, let us know ASAP at

Please inspect your cue for any signs of damage prior to chalking.


Laws and Dispute Resolution:
All purchases, contracts and agreements made are made under Colorado Law. In the event of a dispute the jurisdiction for resolving the dispute shall be Arapahoe County, CO. In the event of a dispute parties agree to seek mediation. 

Times quoted are estimates and are subject to delay due to, but not limited to the following reasons: temporary inventory shortage, acts of God, weather conditions, loss in transit, method of payment, address verification, order discrepancy, non-receipt of order due to electronic or clerical issues, material shortages, or improper information. Cues Plus, its affiliates, employees, and suppliers are not responsible for damages caused by shipment delays.

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